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Patch pentru Oblivion in lucru
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Patch pentru Oblivion in lucru
Data: 2006-04-10 08:57:00 | PC
Bethesda au anuntat ca vor lansa un beta patch pentru varianta Pc cat si pentru 360.


Bethesda au anuntat ca vor lansa un beta patch pentru varianta Pc cat si pentru 360 de The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Patchul va fi disponibil in varianta beta imediat dupa ce iese din testingul intern, urmand ca varianta finala sa apara mai tarziu.

We are working on a patch/update for both the PC and Xbox 360. It will address a number of issues that we have found and ones that have been reported to us and confirmed. It is our plan to first release it as a beta patch for the PC when it has cleared our initial testing cycles internally. Since it's a beta patch you should be aware that issues may come up that we haven't found yet and we strongly recommend you backup save games and understand it may be necessary to reinstall the game when the final patch comes out.

We are also looking into the localization issues that have come up in Europe and are working to address some of those issues. A European Patch/Update will be available after the English versions.

We're doing both of these things as fast as we can and will let everyone know as soon as they are available.

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