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Heroes of Might and Magic V - download patch v1.1
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Heroes of Might and Magic V - download patch v1.1
Data: 2006-06-07 08:31:00 | PC
Primul patch pentru Heroes of Might and Magic V a fost lansata si este disponibil in trei variante.


Primul patch pentru Heroes of Might and Magic V a fost lansata si este disponibil in trei variante:
versiunea Europeană,versiunea US și versiunea Collector's Edition europeană.

Versiunea 1.1 rezolvă unele probleme de interfață, balansează gameplay-ul în single-player și multiplayer, corectează erorile conflictele de placă grafică si altele.
Download Patch


Features added:
- Auto-patcher
- EASY mode


- MP does not start if the player states differ
- "Ubi.com error" message does not appear after a win in a rating game
- Random cities use name and description from map
- Profile screen fixes (experience, alignment)
- Haven: stables message is back, other messages fixed
- Profile screen: random race games now shown correctly
- Camera glitches in C1M2 cutscene removed
- Item selection in lobby screen fixed
- Ghost mode 'guard' command fixed
- Ghost mode after disconnection turn transfer fixed
- Profile info for other players now accessible
- Map info for MP games is localized
- The spells added by the library are given to the hero immediately
- MP game preferences panel fixed
- Autosave option in the create game menu now enabled
- "Resisted" combat text fixed
- Training games results are not reported to Ubi.com now
- Hero perk rolls fixed
- Elemental creatures not affecting by Wasp Swarm spell now
- Druid Elder's Mana Feed ability fixed
- Temptress hero specialization fixed
- Some points of Combat AI fixed
- 'The Demon Stone' campaign map 3-th cutscene sound fixed
- ATBBar refresh fixed
- Separate stacks displayed in Combat Results
- Heroes planned paths searching at turn start/after whirlpool fixed
- Invalid level ups (double skill increases) blocked
- Representation of heroes on boats in ghost mode now is correct
- After all players disconnected from Ghost mode game ending correctly
- Combat pathfinder does not ignore the moat
- Artifact Merchant submenu can not be called by hotkey without the building
- Reconnected players can't see themselves on Ubi.com now
- Ravager retaliation strike fixed
- Creatures under Frenzy spell effect always attack now
- Refined Mana perk fixed
- Hut of Magi still shows areas after pressing Esc key
- Castle gates are closed immediately
- Zero-count monsters on low difficulty levels fixed
- Water shaders fixed
- Startup videos playback fixed
- Grail map called from underground fixed
- Ghost mode phase message fixed
- Sound glitches fixed
- MP game name length is restricted
- Interface sounds are not 3d fixed
- Fixed prerequisites for Absolute Gating, it was impossible to take it.
- Campaign map 'Elfs' Main Sylvan hero Gilraen weakened, his script fixed
- Maeve added as haven random hero
- double hero portraits prevented
- Now after 'The Amulet' campaign map loading right 'The Mages' map instead 'The Key' map
- 'The Capital' campaign map scripts fixed
- Matron have new model
- 'The Demons' campaign map garrison fixed
- Credits fixed
- 'The Pursuit' campaign map keymaster blocked for AI
- Demon character fixed
- Zehir's flag color changed
- Map tags fixed for MP maps
- AI-geometry for Pyramid and shipwrecks fixed
- Dungeon town: Wicked Pastures and lightmaps fixed
- Random heroes on MP maps fixed
- Hero Jhora gets Magic Missile spell due to her specialization description
- Inferno and Necropolis lightmaps recalculated
- Maeve hero Tactics removed
- '954 YSD: Chase': some map objects fixed
- 'Dragon Pass': object fixed, rebalanced
- fixed instant travel holes
- Duel presets rebalanced
- 'The Secret Way' campaign map message for garrison approach added
- 'The Clans'campaigm map multiple fixes added (hero skills, messages, added guards)
- C4M5 script fixed
- S3 Balance Fixed
- Map fixes: L3, M2-

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