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Duke Nukem in 2007
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Duke Nukem in 2007
Data: 2006-05-16 09:11:00 | PC
Duke Nukem a lipsit nemotivat din salonul ce a gazduit E3-ul din acest an.


Duke Nukem a lipsit nemotivat din salonul ce a gazduit E3-ul din acest an, 3D Realms anunta ca viitorul shooter o sa fie lansat anul viitor.

3D Realms forum member Banko received his July edition of PC Gamer today. Inside on page 32, a short but sweet surprise awaited him. He tells us, "There is something called The Duke Report, which basically lists some dates like February 1997 when DNF was first announced." Roll down to July 2006, and PC Gamer claims that there's some official word on Duke Nukem Forever, a game we should anticipate to see in the year 2007. It's imperative to consider that PC Gamer is one of the few members of the press to have recently witnessed a presentation of DNF with George Broussard at their side; consequently, there is less of a chance for them to be "bullshitting us," so to speak. Stay put for more information within the next few weeks.

Evident, nici de data asta nea' George Broussard și trupa lui nu s-au înjosit să participe la show-ul din Los Angeles, și oricum mare lucru nu cred că ar fi fost în stare să ne arate, când în jurul lor ar fi rulat atâtea Action-uri next-gen mult mai năucitoare.

In ultimul rand John Romero ne loveste cu un interviu despre acest joc.

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