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Hellgate: London ramas fara cod sursa ?!
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Hellgate: London ramas fara cod sursa ?!
Data: 2006-07-13 08:13:00 | PC
Gamers With Jobs Press Pass au anuntat informatii legate de o presupusa spargere a securitatii...


Gamers With Jobs Press Pass au anuntat informatii legate de o presupusa spargere a securitatii in birourile Flagship Studios, compania alcatuita din fosti angajati Blizzard care lucreaza la RPG-ul Hellgate: London.
A petrecut in urma unei probleme de retea a celor de la Flagship Studios, problema ce a permis unui "amator" sa puna mouse-ul pe o parte din copilasul developer-ului.
O situatie asemanatoare au patit cei la Valve, in cazul furtului codului sursa de Half-Life 2.

Reliable sources have indicated that the Flagship Studios network has been hacked and the source code for Hellgate: London has been stolen. I contacted the Flagship head cheese Bill Roper directly for comment and he has indicated that while they have heard the same rumors they cannot confirm or deny that any code has been lifted from their servers. The Flagship Studios network went down and has since been brought back online and (hopefully) more secure than before.

My source indicates that the virtual break-in was conducted by a Chinese individual who is currently attempting to sell the code from a personal website. That’s all we have on the story for now, more as it develops.

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